The Guelph Grotto has been running our portable climbing program since 1999! In that time, through appearances at schools, shows, conventions, and festivals, we have introduced thousands of people all across the GTA and Southwestern Ontario to the wonderful sport of rock climbing.

Climbing has never been bigger, and with the sport's introduction at the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan, it will only continue to grow. Now is a great time to introduce this fun and exciting sport to your students, and let them experience the many benefits it has to offer.

See what our program looks like, with our Prism Climbing video:

"We have had the portable climbing wall at our school twice a year for the last ten years. Dave and his team from the Guelph Grotto are always accommodating, professional, and knowledgeable. They deliver a diverse climbing program, and they make it fun and challenging for all students, regardless of their fitness level. For many of our students, this is the highlight of their year."

– Cindy Alarie, St. James Catholic High School


The Guelph Grotto portable wall program brings climbing to your school, so students can try a sport that may not have been accessible otherwise. This direct-to-you model means we keep the costs low, and give students a full week of climbing and instruction. 

The Grotto’s experienced team of instructors will teach students the basics of indoor rock climbing, and introduce different games and activities to keep students engaged throughout the week. We seek to build a safe and inclusive environment so that all students have a chance to participate and feel comfortable while climbing!


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1 week of in-school instruction

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19ft high top rope wall with 12 ropes & 24 routes

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9ft high bouldering wall

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6 different rope ladders

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FREE two week membership at the Guelph Grotto or Junction Climbing Centre after the completion of the program


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How to put on a climbing harness

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How to tie the knots required for climbing

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How to belay and lower using a Petzl GriGri

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How to ascend up a fixed line

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Skills related to climbing (Movement techniques) and personal development (Effective communication and leadership)


$35 / student for the entire week


Guelph Grotto’s Portable rock climbing walls are engineered by Tacoma Engineering with third party inspection, insured with a $5 million liability, and covered under WSIB. 


Instructor police checks provided.

The Portable Wall program meets or exceeds OPHEA’s guidelines for rock climbing.