Top Rope Belay LESSON

AGES 12 & Up

In our two-hour top rope belay course you will learn everything you need to climb our 45 top rope routes - how to get into your harness, tie a figure-8 and keeper knot, use a Petzl GriGri (the only acceptable belay device at the Grotto), and do all of your pre-climb checks. After learning on the ground, you'll get to practice your skills under the supervision of our trained instructor, and get prepared for your belay certification test. 

Our top rope course includes a free two week membership, so you'll have plenty of time to cement your new skills, and for $10 you can add unlimited gear rentals to this period.


$75 | Call to book

(Requires at least 48 hours notice)



$60 / climber | Call to book (Requires at least 48 hours notice)


$50 / climber | Register below

Tuesdays & Thursdays

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM


AGES 12 & UP



AGES 16 & UP


AGES 16 & Up

Ready to level up? Lead belaying / climbing is the most advanced form of indoor sport climbing, and is an invaluable skill if you plan to climb outdoors. In two three-hour sessions you will gain the knowledge and techniques needed to lead climb indoors (all about gear, catching and taking falls, clipping, and more!), and will have time to build competence and refine your skills under the instruction of our certified staff.

Requirements: The lead course is intended for experienced climbers who are comfortable climbing 5.10 and higher. Climbers must provide their own rope and Petzl GriGri, be at least 16 years of age, and have no more than a 50lb weight difference with their partner. 


$220 | Contact Ben to book

(Requires at least 48 hours notice)



$175 / climber | Contact Ben to book (Requires at least 48 hours notice)

ATTENTION: The Guelph Grotto will be closed to the public as of March 16, to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus     |      FULL DETAILS

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