Climbing is a great sport for youth, as it encourages effective communication, leadership, and team skills, and youth Climbers are an integral part of the Grotto gym community. We offer a variety of program and class options to suit the varying skill levels of our youngest climbers.

These after school or weekend classes run throughout the fall, winter, and spring, and cover climbers ages 3 - 18, and skill levels from beginner to future Olympian.

Check out our class breakdown below to find what program what might work for your budding climber. Be sure to sign up for our Youth Program Newsletter to get reminders for when the next registration period opens.


Movement classes focus on having fun and creating space for the whole family to enjoy and get used to climbing.


Foundations classes provide young climbers with the skills to have fun and succeed in a climbing gym environment.

Dynos Hover.png
Dynos Regular.png

Ages 4 - 7

Hangdogs Hover.png
Hangdogs Regular.png

Ages 5 - 7

Climbing Club Hover.png
Climbing Club Regular.png

Ages 8 - 18


Technical classes will engage young climbers in learning the new climbing techniques required for them to take their climbing to the next level. 

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Seven Summits Regular.png

Ages 8 - 11

Training Team Hover.png
Training Team Regular.png

Ages 12 - 18


Competitive classes focus first and foremost on self-improvement in climbing. Training is split into a number of phases that range from strengthening your core climbing muscle groups, to energy saving and mental techniques required to push through climbing plateaus.

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Competitive Team Regular.png

Ages 12 - 18