Get in the competitive mood without being in a crowd!

From Friday, October 23, 5PM to Saturday, October 31, we will be hosting a Halloween competition with loads of prizes to be won!

Some information you need to know:

  • Friday, October 23 we will be closed until 5PM for setting, morning climbing will be cancelled

  • Scorecards will be available, and you can keep your scorecard as long as you need. The only condition is it needs to be handed in by closing on October 31, 2020. If you think you can fit in another climbing session, feel free to keep your card.*

  • Official rules will be on the scorecard.

  • During this time, we ask climbers to be extra cautious about social distancing from other climbers - remember, wear a mask.

  • All winners will be contacted through the email on their scorecard.

  • Proceeds go to the Guelph Food Bank.

  • Yes. Costumes are allowed, and encouraged.

If you are unable to purchase a scorecard and compete, please consider the alternative option of donating non-perishables. There will be a box located by the front desk. This competition is run on an honour system. Please do not fabricate any false-sends and stay true to the Grotto community!

*No refunds will be processed if a card is lost or not handed in*

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