Our fingers are crossed that this will be the last of our lockdown updates! It has been a wild ride and we are excited to announce that we will (re)open this Friday July 16, after three months of being closed!

Upon re-opening we will have a 40-person capacity without the need for time slot bookings. We are recommend people follow a two-hour time limit in order to allow everyone a chance to climb.

The best way to check the real-tim capacity of the gym is to download the RGPro Connect app (iOS | Google).

Operating Hours: Weekdays 4:45 PM to 11:15 PM Weekends 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Member morning climbs will run from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM, starting on Monday July 19.

For those with memberships:

Frozen: If you have frozen your membership prior to April 3 2021, we will resume your membership at our regular freezing fees ($5/month).

Prepaid: If you are a Prepaid member, you can continue to freeze your membership by prepaying $5/month (this can be done by credit card over the phone). Your membership will otherwise continue as normal with the remaining days from April 2021 continuing as of this Friday.

EFT: If you are an EFT Member, you can request to freeze your membership here. Your memberships will resume as normal on July 16, with no fees on Friday as your membership has been partially paid for. We will charge a prorated amount of your membership on July 28 to continue your membership until August 15 (our next billing date). If your membership is frozen, you will not have to worry about the prorated amount. By doing this system, we can assure everyone is charged the proper amount!

We are excited to be able to open back up, and the best way to stay open is by following COVID-19 safety guidelines and wearing a mask!

We are excited to see you all back in the gym!!

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