Today, August 20, 2021, the Grotto expansion presale begins! This presale will give killer deals on Punch Passes, Memberships, and you can lock in your EFT Monthly Rate until the April 15, 2022 charge.

The Presale is used as a way to fund awesome features of the gym, including newer technology, holds, retail, etc., but also gives climbers the ability to hop in on this sick deal! This presale will only last until September 30, 2021 before our prices adjust to a not-as-killer deal.

With a pre-existing gym, we are able to give climbers the ability to start their membership anytime between now and December 31, 2021. Just let us know on your first visit that you want to activate your membership and we will get you started!!

While it isn't part of our presale, we also threw our Fall 2021 Semester Pass for university and college students. Unlimited climbing between their purchase and December 31, 2021 - all for $99.99+tax. Valid proof of registration is required for all purchases (upon first visit). If you show us your proof of registration, we will keep it on file for eight months (that way we can stop asking if you're a student!).

Some presale items include:

  • One-, Three-, and Five-Year Memberships

  • 10-Punch Passes - buy the 10 and get three free!

  • Winter 2022 Semester Pass

  • EFT Memberships - register by September 30 and lock in your Monthly Rate until April 15, 2022!

If you're not 100% sure if the presale is right for you, we recommend giving a shout to our staff and we can recommend the purchase that's the best fit for you! Otherwise, check out our renderings to see what the gym will look like and check out our blog to stay up-to-date on what's going on in the gym.

As we get into this exciting time, here at the Grotto, we want to thank all of our members for creating such a great community and we can wait to celebrate this new gym with all of you! If you are around the week before we close this gym for good (to build a new one), we will be having a celebration to bring a close to the past 27 years. Stay informed on our expansion progress by subscribing to our newsletter. We don't send too many annoying emails... we only send emails when the content is good!

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