Starting September 22, we are required to have customers show proof of full-vaccination status before entering the gym. The customer must have two doses of a vaccination, 14-days before their visit. If you are wanting to read the entire vaccination policy, you can find it here. Please note: information in the latest Company Vaccination Policy will be the policies used. This blog provides the first set of guidelines for our policy and are subject to change without notice.

Before reading deeper into the policy, we want everyone to know that we value our community, especially our staff. Given the controversial nature of this mandate to some people, we want to remind everyone that this mandate is the same as the mask mandate - it was created by the government and we have no choice. Our staff, management included, can't and won't make exceptions to this policy, and we insist customers show the same patience and kindness that the Grotto has shown the community.

General questions regarding this policy (memberships, programs, etc.) can be sent to our front desk! Otherwise, please feel to direct any comments or very specific questions to management.


Starting September 9, in order to make this process easier for any visitor, we have created an expedited process where visitors can sign an in-person consent form allowing the Grotto Climbing Club Inc. (the Grotto) to keep your vaccination status on your membership file. Otherwise, each time you visit you will need to show proof of your vaccination status. The photo below shows what the staff sees on our computer, the arrow pointing to Vaccinated status.

By consenting to the form or by email, we will keep your vaccination status handy, so members who like to walk into the gym can continue to do so! Otherwise, anyone visiting the Grotto will have a notice sound each time they check in (the infamous BOING!), which states that we require proof of vaccination.


Unvaccinated Members: If a member is unable to show proof of full vaccination* by September 22, 2021, we will give a courtesy month of free freezing in order to have the time to get vaccinated. After that month, prepaid members will expire and EFT members will be frozen at $5/month. See freezing notice below.

Please don't forget that Punch Passes will never expire (even with our expansion), so those who have Punch Passes can keep them without worry.

No refunds or credit will be given due to the member's vaccination status or mandates out of the Guelph Grotto's power, as per our refund policy.

Freezing: Members are responsible for declaring that they are not vaccinated (no proof required). If a member does not declare this, we will assume they are returning to the gym. Punch Pass holders do not need to freeze their membership. All that's required of Punch Pass holders is to not visit the gym.

Members are encouraged to email or call the Guelph Grotto starting September 22, where we can start your membership freeze.


Youth Programs: If your child is a participant of Youth Programs and they are 12-years-old or older, they will also require vaccination proof by the first session of programs (staring the week of September 13). While youth recreation programs are not required to provide proof, there has been interpretation by our gym and other climbing gym that Youth refers to participants 11-years-old or younger.


Supervisors, spectators, loiterers: As per the Grotto's current policies, all children 11-years-old or younger require adult (16+) supervision unless they are supervised by staff in a program (Just Climb, PA Day Camp, Youth Programs, etc.). If you are a spectator or supervisor (anyone entering the gym for non-retail purpose), you will require proof of vaccination to enter the facilities.


What People Can Do to Help: Let's keep the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph community safe by following COVID-19 Protocols when not at home.

  • Wear a mask when indoors in public

  • Don't leave the house if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms

  • Social distance when possible

  • Sanitize your hands consistently, preferably with soap and warm water

  • Get vaccinated as soon as you can!

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