As of April 3, Ontario is being placed in a Province-wide lockdown. We are sad to have to close again, but look forward to opening when cases are lower. Below are all of the details you need to know about how the closure affects any memberships, bookings, or etc.

Prepaid Memberships: Prepaid memberships (those that are not automatically paid for on the 15th) will be put on hold the same way as last lockdown. All accounts will be frozen until we exit the lockdown. After the freezing, all prepaid memberships will be adjusted by the duration of the lockdown. This way, no one loses time on their membership. If prepaid memberships wish to continue freezing, there is a $5/month charge upon unfreezing - paid in advance.

EFT Memberships: All EFT memberships, those that automatically withdraw from your account, will be frozen at $0 for the duration of the membership. Once we exit the lockdown we will unfreeze all memberships unless they were frozen prior to the lockdown - membership freeze charges will continue as before. EFT memberships will be adjusted based on the duration of the lockdown and any charges will be reallocated accordingly so no member will be overcharged.

Youth programs: Despite just getting started, youth programs will be put back on pause. The second we are able to restart, we will email again and programs will restart on the same day/time as session were originally scheduled for, all the way back in November of 2020. No one will need to reregister.

Indoor April Break Camp: Our indoor April break camp will have to be cancelled.

Outdoor April Break Camp: We are awaiting further information from the Province to make a decision around this, and will post an update once we have it. For now, you can register and see more details by following this link.

Other Bookings (Belay lessons, etc): If you have a booking with the Guelph Grotto, you will receive a phone call or email in the upcoming days to cancel or reschedule the booking.

On a brighter note, we will soon start to have updates on our expansion! If you want to subscribe to any expansion information, click this link and enter your email. We will also post on social media, and add a blog section on our website! Make sure to subscribe to our general newsletters or social media for updates.

Please note, regarding any memberships or punch passes, no refunds/credit will be processed under any circumstances. If you are able to financially afford to keep your membership active and actively support us while we are closed, please let us know and we would be happy to keep your membership active. If you are looking for other ways to support us and others while we are forced to close, you can find a list below.


3 ways to support the Guelph Grotto while we are closed:

  1. Keep your membership active, even while you can’t use them.

  2. Purchase gift cards and merchandise from our retail store - we still have our sale going! Gift cards can be purchased online. If you wish to pick up some gear, shoot us an email and we can arrange a time to be open.

  3. Purchase memberships - EFT or prepaid - online. We won’t start them during the lockdown, but the generated revenue still helps!

Other ways to support us and others while we are closed:

  1. Leave 5-star Google reviews and share social media posts.

  2. Get takeout from local restaurants - Na Ha Thai’s, Eggcetra, Laza Food & Beverage, York Road Kitchen are some notable restaurants in the Ward. Try to avoid services such as SkipTheDishes and Uber Eats to increase the take-home margin for the restaurants.

  3. Purchase gift cards for yourself and others.

  4. Stay local if you can afford it. Shop at smaller local stores such as the Flour Barrel, Dutch Toko, or Angelino’s, as opposed to waiting in line at Zehrs, Food Basics, or Walmart

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