Update - July 8th 2020

Due to government mandate, we are currently unable to open to the general public. We are hosting our Summer Camp 2020 as normal (with heightened precautions), which runs from 8-4. We hope to be able to open to the public soon, but this depends on the joint efforts of the community and government to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As of now, we have no further information on our reopening but we will continue to post updates on our website and social media as news moves forward.

Our original message follows below - any notes on gym specifics continue to be true during this extended closure (individuals with upcoming bookings will be contacted, memberships extended where needed, etc.)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us by email, phone, or on social media. From all of us here at the Guelph Grotto, we hope you and your families are continuing to remain safe and healthy during this tough time. We hope to see you soon.

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As each day passes, the Guelph Grotto has been watching COVID-19 and its progression. Currently, there are no confirmed cases in Guelph, and we want to help keep it this way. As of March 15, we feel it is not benefiting our community and our climbing family by staying open to the public. The nature of climbing does not allow for the social distancing necessary to help fight against COVID-19, and the Guelph Grotto’s history has proven our desire for well-being over all else. As of Monday March 16 and Tuesday March 17, the Guelph Grotto will be closed to Day-Pass climbers and members respectively. Monday March 16, we will have shortened members-hours from 5:00pm to 10:00pm (cancelling morning climbs) before fully closing to the public. This closure will be in place until Monday April 6th, pending the changes of COVID-19.


Memberships at the Guelph Grotto will be extended by the three missed weeks due to closure (if we open April 6), and members will be given an extra evening of climbing Monday March 17 from 5:00pm to 10:00pm. Members-only morning climbs will be cancelled on that Monday.


If you have a booking this week – Just Climb, birthday party, date night, etc. – you will be contacted via phone and email to confirm the cancellation and be refunded for these events.

Youth Programs

All youth programs held throughout the closed weeks will be cancelled for the time being. Currently our goal is to be able to extend our program to accommodate for the cancelled classes, but further confirmation will be sent out pending any COVID-19 changes via email.

March Break Camp

March Break Camp will not be running, and all parents have been notified via phone and email. Refund notice will be sent via email in the upcoming days.

COVID-19 has been a difficult obstacle to overcome for all climbers as climbing has many social aspects to the sport. It’s important that during this time of social distancing we don’t forget to reach out and check in with friends, family, and loved ones to make sure they are okay. Just like the Guelph Grotto promotes physical health, mental health is just as valuable as anything. Understandably so, many people will be finding our current situation difficult. If you are one of those people, make sure to also prioritize your mental health.

Any updates on the Guelph Grotto and COVID-19 will be posted on our website and social media to help keep climbers up-to-date.


The Guelph Grotto management

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