As of February 16, 2021, the Guelph Grotto will reopen to the public! We will continue using time slots for both members-only sessions, as well as public sessions - both can be booked here.

Whether you are a member or just a Grotto-supporter, here is what you need to know:

EFT MEMBERS: Freezing fees will return to normal starting on February 16. If your account was frozen on December 26, 2021, it will be unfrozen starting on February 16. Charges for February 16 will only be 9 days of your membership, and we will return to normal charges on March 15, 2021. This will even-out the time used between your last charge and lockdown. If you requested to be frozen before lockdown, your freezing fees will resume on Tuesday. Please be aware that there was a system error for the December payment, so the charge actually took place on December 26 instead of December 15 - you were only charged once. We will not process any refunds or credit for any potential time lost during the lockdown, as future charges have been adjusted accordingly.

PREPAID MEMBERS: If you are a member who had their membership frozen on December 26th, your membership will be unfrozen with the time adjusted accordingly. For example, if you had two weeks left on your membership as of the 26th, you will get two weeks added as of our reopen date of February 16. If you wish to keep your membership on hold longer, give us a call to prepay for freezing ($5/month).

TIME SLOTS: We will resume the time slots from pre-lockdown, and you will be able to book the time slot starting as soon as we activate the sessions. Please remember, all of us are itching to get back into the gym, so you may not book sequential time slots, and you are limited to booking one time slot per day for the time being. Same as before, if there is space in the next time slot, you are able to stay.

----- To book a time slot, use the app or click here -----

It is your responsibility to know and understand the Guelph Grotto COVID-19 Policies and Procedures outlined on our time slot registration and below:

  • Face coverings are mandatory when you are not on the wall and must meet the WDGPH guidelines for proper fitting. While you can take your mask off to climb, we highly encourage you to keep it on at all times.

  • Come wearing your climbing clothes, leave wearing your climbing clothes. No changing is allowed in the facilities in order to properly meet the washroom capacity. Please do not wear flashing shoes, as we have a photosensitive staff member. Strobe lights will not be permitted.

  • 2M social distancing required throughout the facility (3M in training room).

  • Liquid chalk only throughout the gym - you may purchase some at the front.

  • No visitors are allowed from other Control (red) or Lockdown areas. Valid ID may be required.

  • No spectators - children under 12 may have one parent supervising.

We reserve the right to deny service to any participant who does not follow our guidelines set out. Our staff are unable to make any exceptions to these policies - please be kind and respectful. If there are any concerns, please contact management.

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