Guelph is now in the Orange Restrict category of the Ontario Covid-19 prevention steps. As below, we are required to do time slot bookings, but our maximum capacity is now 25 people. We are also not accepting climbers from any red or locked down regions, in order to protect our community, and give Guelph climbers space to climb. Please stay tuned to social media for the latest updates.

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Starting Sunday November 8, Guelph was put in the Protect (yellow) category of the Ontario COVID-19 prevention steps. Since then we have carefully read through the provided public health guidelines, and we have determined that we are mandated to restart time slots, effective immediately. With this being said, our maximum capacity is as-before (50 people at one time), however, in order to ensure youth program and lesson / belay booking participants can access the gym, the number of available slots for members / public will vary throughout the night. 

Time slot registration will be available here and time slots will be available up to seven days in advance. Member morning sessions can be booked here. Booking can only be done online. Time slots begin Wednesday, November 11, 3:00PM. During times with classes in the back room (silks, youth program, competitive team), we will be forced to close the room to members due to changes required spacing / distancing. Please make sure you are familiar with our general COVID-19 policies at the Grotto:

  • Masks are mandatory unless the climber is on the wall

  • Gaiter / tube styles masks (unless three layers), bandanas, and face shields are not allowed. Climbers must wear masks that fit snugly around the mouth, nose, and chin.

  • Come wearing your clothes for your climb, leave in the same outfit

  • 2M social distancing required, unless you are in the back room (3M required)

  • Liquid chalk only throughout the gym.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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