Starting in the new year, we will temporarily close to finish our expansion!

We know we've been teasing everyone about closing for a while, but this time, no taksies backsies.

This past month we have been thankful for your patience; we understand the circumstances of the renovations have not been ideal. We've had a few false starts and the recent gym conditions have been less than ideal. This experience has not been at the level the Grotto wants to provide for its community, and it is now in the best interest to close.

Memberships for all members will be frozen on January 1. We are closed on January 1 regularly, so this will actually provide prepaid members with an extra day of climbing added onto their membership once the gym reopens (EFT members will also see this extra day reflected as a reduction on their next billing cycle after reopening). Click here for a full breakdown of what's going on... Otherwise, read on!

Membership Details While We're Closed

EFT Members: Your membership will be frozen at no cost until the Grotto is able to fully reopen after construction. Those who have chosen to freeze their membership and are being charged will not be charged while we are closed.

Prepaid: All prepaid members will be frozen at no cost; all frozen time will be added onto the end of their memberships.

W22 Memberships: If you purchased a membership for the W22 Semester, you will have time added to the end of your membership to compensate for this time lost. If you are not in Guelph for the summer, contact us immediately to discuss alternative compensation.

Gift Cards and Punch Passes: Current Punch Passes and Gift Cards will be valid at our new facility. Gift Cards and Punch Passes do not, and will never, expire.

Supporting Us While We Closed: Members have the option to keep their membership unfrozen during the expansion in order to support us! This support will help us build a better and brighter community. Contact us here if you would like to show your support.

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