We have a few changes coming to the Grotto as we start our demolition of the facility. With these impacts to the gym, we have made some changes in order to continue to serve our community! We thank everyone in advance for their patience.

So What's Happening?

So basically, the Grotto is closing part of its current facility in order to shorten our closing time when Walltopia arrives. At the moment, the walls are anticipated to arrive in Canada December 6... but we make no promises, as that didn't seem to work out last time. We want to get ahead of this by starting demolition a bit earlier so we can reopen to the public sooner. This was a tough call to make, but in the end we want to limit the amount of climbing time our members lose out on.

Some of the changes and events happening at the Grotto next Monday, Dec 6 include:

  • Tarping off half of our gym to start demolition of our east-facing wall.

  • Halting members-only morning hours (6:00AM to 11:00AM).

  • Changing our public hours to 4:00PM to 11:00PM.

We get this may hinder some folks' climbing sessions. Here's what we're doing in light of this situation:

  • Adding additional Auto Belay devices in the available half of the gym.

  • A full-boulder reset on the evening of December 5.

  • Adding more routes to the areas still available.

  • Adding more children's climbs to the back right of the facility.

Please be aware that we will try our best to reduce noise during operating hours, but some work may need to be done! In no way will any hazardous work occur while the Grotto is operating.

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