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Got questions about the Grotto's upcoming expansion? You should be able to find the answers here. For anything else, feel free to get in touch.


How much climbing space will there be?

The Grotto will reopen with an additional 7800 sq ft of ground space, and will have a total of 9635 sq ft of climbing space - 6500 sq ft of top rope, 3135 sq ft of bouldering.

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What facilities will the gym include?

The gym will have: bouldering, top rope and lead climbing, a Moon Board, a Kilter Board, a cafe, an aerial silks section, and a section for children. In the future, we anticipate opening a yoga studio and more programs. You can check out our design for more information.

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Where will you be located?

We will still be at the same location - 199 Victoria Road South - but we will also have a new entrance behind the building. The new entrance can be found off of 490 York Road, or what is currently behind the building by our emergency exit.

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When will the expansion be finished?

We are aiming to open our entire facility early-December of 2021! Given the improving current state of COVID-19, we are not expecting to be severely delayed.

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When will the Grotto close for renovation?

We are expecting to reclose to the public late-October, but we will send out emails to our members and newsletter subscribers in the weeks prior. This may change without direct notice. You can find our newsletter subscription here.

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What will happen to my membership when you close down for renovations?

EFT Memberships: Your membership will be frozen, similar to during COVID-19 lockdowns, and will not be charged while we are closed. Prior to October 15, you will receive an email with a reminder and  more information. If you would like to support the Grotto during the closure, you can request to by email, phone, or through our membership change request page.

Prepaid Memberships: Your Prepaid Membership will be paused and automatically resumed once we reopen. You can freeze your membership past our reopening by prepaying $5 each month. We will continue to honour any active memberships purchased before closing, but membership policies may change between now and October.

Upon opening, we will be notifying EFT and Prepaid Members of new prices and any changes that will happen to their membership.

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Will my gift card or Punch Pass expire?

Gift cards and Punch Passes will be honoured - therefore, they will never expire, even with the expansion. We are temporarily halting the sale of Punch Passes, but you will have a chance to purchase 10-punch Passes during our presale. 

Gift cards will never expire and their value will remain the same. Please be aware that if our prices change, your gift cards may not reflect the program that they were intended to cover. For example, if your gift card was for $10 for shoe and harness rental, it may not cover the cost of a shoe and harness rental post-expansion. Please be aware that we do not allow any returns or exchanges on gift cards. If you are unsure what your gift card number is or you lost your gift card, please contact the Grotto via email and we can resend your gift card over email*.

*This can only be done if your gift card is linked to your account. We can only send the gift card to the email on file and no different email address.*

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Where can I see the designs?

Our climbing wall designs can be found on our website’s blog posts. We will also be posting consistent updates on social media and our expansion newsletter.

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Where can I find updates as the renovation progresses?

We will be sending updates in two ways: email and social media. If you subscribe to our expansion newsletter or our regular newsletter, you will automatically receive updates via email. You can also check out our Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and we will have photos and videos of our renovations!

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When can I purchase Memberships & Punch Passes for the new gym?

We will be opening our presale in August. You can find more information through in-gym visits, social media, our website, or our email newsletters. The presale will be available in-person or online.

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Will there be an area designated for children?

Yes! We will have a bouldering and Auto Belay section designated for younger children. Older children will have the opportunity to climb in our adult section as long as they obey the rules.

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Who is manufacturing the climbing walls?

Our climbing walls are proudly being manufactured and assembled by Walltopia. Our bouldering section in the children's area will be assembled by the Guelph Grotto in order to provide more floor space for climbers.

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Will there be air conditioning?

The new gym will initially be without air conditioning, but we will be adding an air conditioning system as soon as it is feasible to do so. We are also planning on having large bay doors in order to bring in natural airflow when the weather is milder.

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When will programs start back up?

We are anticipating programs for kids to start back up in January of 2022, once we get past the initial learning curve of the new facility. Our program information and registration will open some time in November, 2021, as we are planning an entirely new, transition-based program.

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How can we support you during this expansion?

If you are looking to support us, we have three options that help the most:

1) Purchase or activate a Grotto membership. If you purchase a membership now, we can activate it once we reopen, or you can keep it activated while we’re closed. We will have a presale for our expansion opening up in August, so keep an eye out for that!

2) Support us through our online store. We are clearing out our merchandise with a clearance sale. We are also hosting a presale for a shirt design, which we will be releasing on Friday, June 18.
Click here to visit our new online store!

3) Help spread the word! It’s easy to spread the news through social media, as we will have an ongoing giveaway for free One-month Memberships to our new facility! This giveaway is through
Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and you can enter in the contest multiple times by participating.

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