The Grotto will close for renovations on January 1, 2022 for our expansion!
Read below to find out how this will impact members and guests when we close.

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members & Punch Pass

Prepaid Members
Your membership will be frozen at no charge on the day we close and will be unfrozen on the day we reopen to the public. The number of days we are closed will be added to your membership once we reopen.

Punch Passes
Punch Passes never expire, so you are good to go! You can keep using your passes once we reopen. Punch Passes can be purchased through our presale page while the presale is ongoing.

EFT Members
Your membership will be frozen at no charge on the day we close and will be unfrozen on the day we reopen. Your account will be charged accordingly once we reopen to compensate for lost time during freezing. Regular freezing fees of $5 per month will restart when we open for members who tell us they would like to keep their membership frozen. EFT Membership fees will increase for new EFT members in 2022. We will post the new fees on our website once available. If you have an ongoing EFT membership from September 30 or earlier (even frozen), your fees are locked in until April, 2022.

Programs & Gift Cards

Gift Cards
Gift cards do not expire under any circumstances, and will carry forward to our new facility. Please note that your gift card may not accurately reflect the value of the program is was originally intended to reflect due to price increases.

Not sure of the value of your gift card? 
Send us an email and we will let you know the balance! 

Youth Programs
Youth Programs will start again in late January, 2022. We are current revamping our Youth Programs in order to cater better to experience level instead of age alone. If you are looking for updates on Youth Program registration, you can
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Are you a team participant? Coach Julia sent all participants an email about alternative plans.

bookings & the rest

We will not have new-facility bookings open to the public while we are closed to finish our expansion. We will post updates on
social media and this page as soon as we have more to say! 

Buying A Membership
You can do that online! Our presale will continue until further notice! You can get the presale deal online and regular monthly memberships through our Memberships page.