Monday June 18th-Saturday June 23rd, 2012

The Grotto will be undergoing some rather major changes this summer. During the week of June 18th-Saturday June 23rd, representatives from Cascade Speciality Impact Floor Systems will be replacing our carpeted floors with industry leading seamless vinyl tarp and open cell foam. Although the change will be major, we hope that that disturbance to gym life will only be minor. Climbing will be limited to certain areas during this time so we ask for your patience with this work. We know the wait will be worth it!
There will be some important changes instituted with the installation of the new floors:
1.There will be NO food or coloured liquids allowed on the floors. Water is the only liquid allowed on the floors, in closed containers.
2.NO outdoor shoes will be allowed on the floors.
3.Our no barefoot policy will be strictly enforced.

The new floors will replace not only the carpets, but also the drag mats used for bouldering. The foam and vinyl covering of the new floors is designed and rated for falls, anywhere in the gym, well beyond the maximum height allowed for free climbing in gym. Mentally it might take some getting used to falling with a crash mat beneath you, but overall the pros of a seamless flooring system are incomparable. We hope you all enjoy the new floors and the new look it will bring to the gym.